On the Parents and Teachers main menu pages you can see all the data that has been uploaded to the system.  You can add to these pages by uploading further data when required, or just clear out and start from scratch by clicking on the Delete All buttons on each page.

There is an existing issue in Internet Explorer for deleting records on the Parents and Teachers main menu pages, It's best to use a modern browser for this task, i.e.  Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox or Opera instead of using Internet Explorer.

You can manually add new records by clicking on the Yellow, 'Add new parent and child' or 'Add new teacher' buttons at the top of the respective pages.

You can edit any existing records by clicking on the Edit button next to the record.  Here you can update parent and child details, or add new children to parent records on the Parents main menu page.  Or on the Teachers main menu page you can Edit a teacher's Name, Department, Subject, Room or the students that are connected to the teacher.

Any changes made on the Parents main menu page will be immediately reflected into any parents' evenings that are set up.

However if you have a parents' evening set up and you make some changes on the Teachers main menu page then you will need to update these changes into any relevant parents' evenings by clicking the yellow "Update" button on the Edit the Teachers page within the Evenings main menu section.  This will also bring in any teachers to the parents' evening that had previously been removed from the evening which can easily be selected and added back if required.

To remove teachers from the system completely you can just delete their records from the Teachers main menu page, and remove them from any parents' evening that they have been added to already.

Removing teachers from a parents' evening will remove any bookings that they currently have!