In the Manage Bookings section, firstly you can either enter the desired parents' evening or you can click on the Request to Parent link.

The name of the parents' evening will take you to the booking table where you can see all the appointments that have been entered.  All the teachers entered into the parents' evening will be listed in their departments above the booking table.

You can add new bookings or you can cancel any bookings by simply selecting the appropriate teacher and then either clicking on an available slot to make a booking, or clicking on the checkbox to the right of the booking and then clicking Cancel Bookings to remove any selected bookings from the parents' evening.

If bookings can't be made this is normally because the parent already has an appointment at the time you are trying to book.  Or this may be a connection issue with a teacher in multiple subjects that hasn't been linked in the parents' evening correctly.

Bookings for parents can also be Printed, Emailed or all of a parent's appointments can be cancelled if required, by using the blue buttons at the top of the page.

The Request to Parent page allows you to select an individual Child from their Class, select one or all of the child's parents and then select teachers of the child that would like the parent(s) to make a booking them.  Teachers can also add a specific message to go with the notice that they would like the parent to make a booking with them.  If the parent has an email address listed against their record then the system will also send these messages to the parent's email address.