We have updated the Parents Public Area to add our new 'Automated Booking System'.

This is an alternative method of making the appointments.  Simply click on the Automated Booking link for the desired parents' evening on the 'Home' page and then the parents can select the teachers that they wish to make bookings with.  The system will ask which dates and times the parent can attend the parents' evening and will then try to make the most efficient bookings based on the availability and parent's booking period.  Parents can still make or review their bookings on the traditional booking table before or after using the new Automated Booking System.

We have various other requests and changes that we are working towards, any feedback is always welcomed and we will always try to accommodate or offer a solution to any issues.

We have also received a lot of feedback from the schools and parents who have already used the new Automated Booking System.  A lot of the feedback has been very positive but we have picked up on various issues and improvements that need to be made so we will push forward and make the changes that we feel will improve the system overall.


Rob Mackenzie

Director of Product Development

Netmedia Ltd