Parents - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login!!

You can log into PEBS from the specific school website address that your school should have been provided you with.

This looks like: (This is just an example)

From here you will be able to login to PEBS by one of three possible login methods:

1.  Parent & Child Details:

Your school will have set which details need to be entered on the login page.  Please enter all details with an asterisk, the email address is not mandatory, unless set to be by the school.  These details need to match the details the school keeps on record.  

Please note:

Entering 'Mag' for example, may not work if the school has Maggie on record.  Similarly entering Maggie instead of Maggy will not work.

The Title field needs to be set correctly.  This field is populated by the data uploaded by the school, clicking the dropdown box will reveal all the Parent - Title options.  Some schools do not use this field however.

If you have multiple children at the school then you can enter the details of one of your children and then you can switch between your children on the Change Child page once logged into PEBS.

If you do not see your other children at the school then you may have another parent record in the system associated with the missing children.  You will need to log out of one record and login for your other children separately.  We use Unique ID's to match up records, but sometimes this doesn't match up.

2.  Username and Password:

This is set up by the school, however the Parent & Child Details login method is more popular.  The school should have provided you with your Username and Password for PEBS.  This may have been in the letter sent home or in an automated email from PEBS or the school.  If you have logged into PEBS before and have forgotten your password, you should be able to use the Forgot Password or Forgot Username options to retrieve these details.  PEBS will send an email to the email address on record so you can update your Username or Password.  If this email address is no longer in use please ask the school to update your email or reset your Password.  If you have multiple children then you will be able to switch between them from either within your school's VLE or within PEBS on the Change Child page.

3.  SSO (Single Sign On):

An alternative login method available through specific partner integrations.  This will bypass the Parent & Child Details or Username and Password logins and take you straight from your school's VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) straight into PEBS.  Again, If you have multiple children then you will be able to switch between them from either within your school's VLE or within PEBS on the Change Child page.

How do I PEBS??

Once you have logged in, you will see the Home page or the Change Child page to allow you to select the child you want to make bookings for.

From here you can select to make bookings in a Parents' Evening or for an Event.

The Parents' Evenings can be booked using the Individual Booking table or by the Automated Booking Wizard.

Using the Individual Booking Table, you should see all the teachers of the child you are logged in for.  These teachers are displayed firstly in a Department and then in different Subjects.  Once you have selected a teacher you can select an available slot from the table below.  The system will then ask for any comments for the teacher (some schools disable this feature) and you can make your booking.  Simply select the next teacher available and continue to make your appointments.  The system will prevent you from double booking a time and you can also track your previous bookings on the booking table as an Orange Slot and also using the Your Appointments box to the right of the Booking Table.

Using the Automated Booking Wizard, again you will be shown all the teachers of your child but you can also switch between your different children, if they are involved in the same parents' evening.  From here you can select all available teachers for your children or hand pick teachers and choose what dates and times to try and make appointments on.  Then click 'Make my bookings for me' and the system will create a list of Temporary Bookings which can be edited to different times, where possible, or can be either Cancelled or Confirmed.  Once bookings are confirmed you can Print, Email or Cancel all appointments and start again. 

If you are having trouble using the Automated Booking Wizard please try using a modern browser

Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera and Firefox are recommended over older versions of Internet Explorer.

If you cannot access a parents' evening after it's Available Date, try refreshing the page or logging out and back in again.

We are aware of this issue and will have it resolved soon.

If you do not receive an email please check your spam or junk folders and check that the email address on the Profile page is correct.  (The Profile page may have been disabled by the school, please contact the school to update your details if required)

How to Cancel/Edit A Single Booking:

You can edit your bookings on the Booking Table by clicking on the Green Booked slots again.  This will allow you to either cancel the booking or edit the comment against the booking.  You will see the Green Booked slot against the teachers that you have booked appointments with and you will see a Yellow 'Other Appointment' slot (which is not clickable) represents where you have made bookings with other teachers.

Edited Automated Bookings:

You can edit any of the Temporary Bookings when going through the Automated Booking Wizard (page 2).  You can also add comments to these bookings. You can only edit Temporary Bookings to times that are available for both yourself (including the other Temporary Bookings) and the availability of the teacher.  You can cancel all bookings at the end of the Automated Booking Wizard and start again, if you want.

Requests From Teachers:

If any teachers have added a specific message for you then you will see then when you enter the parents' evening.  You can bring these messages back up by clicking on the Teacher Requests button.

Multiple Date Parents' Evenings:

If the parents' evening is set up for multiple dates then the booking table for each date will be listed one above the other.  Just scroll down the page to view the other parents' evening dates.

Using the Automated Booking Wizard you can select from the available dates you want to try and make bookings on and the system will work out the best possible slots out of the available dates.