We have been working very hard since the major redesign release.

I personally apologise for all inconveniences caused in the transition from the old system to the new system.

We have managed to sort out most of the issues that have been reported to us so far as listed below, however we are aware that a number of issues or annoying features of the new system still remain and we are working to correct this as soon as possible.

Issues fixed

  • Dates added to the Reports and Parent's 'Your Appointments' section.  All bookings are listed in date and time order.

  • Removed unnecessary uploading error message about missing 2nt parent.

  • Increased the CSV upload file size from 1mb to 3mb

  • Added a 'Delete all children' button to the Edit Teacher page

  • Various system wide improvements

  • Added the parent's email address field back to the Public Login page as an optional or mandatory field.

  • Fixed the 'Print all staff - without comments' option in Reports > List of teachers and appointments to print without the comments (I'm not sure what was going on here...)

  • Fixes for various upload and web service issues

  • Saving the teacher's Room on the Teachers main menu page is now working and 'Delete all' for the Teachers main menu page issue with Internet Explorer has been sorted.

  • Printing Staff appointments was giving a blank page, now working as expected.

  • Removed the Search button from the Manage Bookings Booking Table page.