Admin - Frequently Asked Questions


Clear Out Old Data

Please remember to clear out any old data on the Parents and Teachers main menu pages before uploading new data.  We have also introduced Unique ID's for various MIS/SIS Integrations.  The Unique ID's are able to update the existing records so you can import new data or update the data in the system quickly.


Please update the Teachers in Evening page after changes have been made to the Teachers main menu page.

For instance if you have added students students to a teacher, or created a new teacher, please click the Update button on the Teachers in Evening page to bring through these new connections to the relevant parents' evening.  If however you have already added teacher records to a parents' evening and then want to remove a class from a teacher, you will need to remove the class from the teacher record by editing the teacher record on the Teachers main menu page and then take the teacher record out of the parents' evening and then click the Update button to bring in the current teacher-student connections.  If you don't remove the teacher from the parents' evening and add it back then the classes that were removed will still be linked to the teacher in the parents' evening.


Once a booking has been made, it is immediately confirmed.  

This booked slot will be seen by the Admin and Staff on the Manage Bookings pages and in the Reports section.  Other parent's accessing the system will not see who has made the booking, just that the time for that teacher is no longer available.  This will be depicted by a Red line on the booking table.  The parent that made the booking can at any point click on the booked time again, (Green line on the booking table) and either edit the comments for that teacher or cancel the booking completely.  Or the Admin or Staff can select the checkbox next to the booking on the booking table and click the Cancel Booking button to cancel the booking.


Comfort Breaks are given to all teachers of the evening at the same time

At the moment only one comfort break can be created per evening date.  You can however manually manage individual teacher's appointments by extending or blocking out times within the Reports > List of teachers and appointments page.  The Staff can do this as well if the Admin allows it in the parents' evening settings.


You can edit Parent records to add multiple Students into the same record, or add additional Parent records for Students.

Just make sure that if you delete any Parent records with children that have bookings these will be lost.  If you add additional students, make sure that their Register Class matches existing records so they can be found when editing Teachers and adding to the Parents' Evening.

Once you have added a child to a parent you will need to add this child to their respective teachers on the Teachers main menu page, then add the new children to any Active Parents' Evenings in the Evenings main menu section.  Click on the Child page and then add the children by Register Class, Alphabetically or Individually.  This will then pull in the latest teacher information into the evening as well, which can be seen on the 'Edit the teachers in this Event' page.


Teachers can have multiple subjects but it is important that in each different subject the teacher's name is exactly the same in each of their records.

This will allow the system to then link up these teachers appointments across all of their subjects so that they cannot become double booked.  To change a teacher's name just simply edit the teacher record on the Teachers main menu page and then click save.  If the teacher is already added to the parent's evening then you should remove the old record with the incorrect name on the Teachers in Evening page and then click the Update button to bring in the teacher with the correct name.  Also if you have the same teacher showing up multiple times for the same Subject then this will cause a problem adding the teachers to the parents' evening.  These duplicate teacher records will need to be consolidated in order to add teachers to the parents' evening.  Check that the students connected are correct, if there are only a few students in one record and the rest of the teacher's students in another record then it is best to delete the teacher record with the lesser number of students and add these students to the other record.  If the teacher records are an exact duplicate, both having the same students connected to them, then you can just delete one of these records. 

7Please see the Help Files icon or the Video Tutorial icon on each page to get more information about the page that you are currently on

8Giving Teachers Different Appointment Lengths

Teachers can also be giving different appointment times from the parents' evening default by changing the option 'Allow teachers to have different appointment times from the default set above' on the Create/Edit Parents' Evening page.  Once this option has been set to 'Yes', going to the Evenings > Group > Edit the teachers in this event page will display a new column which will let you change the appointment times for teachers.  Once the dropdown boxes have been set, click the 'Save Changes to this page' button at the bottom of the page and the system will adjust the appointment times.