On the Set Up School page you can customise the finer details for the school.

You can change the school address details in the first section and also set the public login address for your parents to access.

You can change the username and password details for the Admin or Staff users.

You can update the contact details at the school.  Please note that the "Contact Person for Parents and System Information" (first contact) is the admin details for the parents' evenings.  These details are listed at the top of the booking table page when parents access the system.  The email address is also used to send out notifications when parents login with a new email address or telephone number.  The Billing Contact email address will receive the invoice for renewals each year.

The next section on the Set Up School page allows you to create a message to be shown to the parents when they come to the Public Login Area.  This message is shown at the top of the page and will appear in a pop up window when clicked.

The last section on the Set Up School page allows you to upload a Logo and a Map for the school.  The Logo is placed at the top left of each page in the system and the Map is displayed on the printed out or emailed out appointments. 

At the bottom of the page there are two more buttons:

Parent Public Login Fields:  This page allows you to set exactly which fields parents will have to enter and be verified against before the system will log them in. It is important to try and use at least a parent's title or first name so that the system can identify which parent is logging into the system if you are expecting both parents to make bookings.

Preferences:  On this page there are extra options available so you can further customise your system.

You can set a date format to be used for the public login

You can set a timezone for the school

Allow parents to enter comments for teachers when making their bookings

Give staff a 'Read Only' access so they cannot make or cancel bookings

Display upcoming parents' evening details to parents before they log into the system

Opt to receive an email to the Admin email address when a parent logs in with a new email address or telephone number

Opt to receive an email with a backup of all bookings 3 times a day to the Admin email address

Select to send an email to the parent (if there is an email address held for that parent) if their bookings are cancelled by the admin or staff, the system can also take a reason for the booking being cancelled

Allow parents to send 'Feedback' messages from the Public Booking Table screen.  These messages are sent again to the Admin email address and a copy is sent back to ourselves.  We receive hundreds of messages from parents with great feedback or comments which we often refer to.

The last six links at the bottom of the page allow you to actually change the text that is used on the public side of the system.  You may wish to alter some phrases or words that we use that may not suit your own school.