When you are setting up your parents' evening, please make sure that you have removed the demo data or the old data that is in your system before uploading your new data.  You can upload new data or different year groups on top of the data that is in the system so you can run multiple parents' evenings at the same time.

Don't delete all data from the Parents main menu page if you have any parents' evenings set up as this will delete their bookings.

Teachers can be removed from the Teachers main menu page and these won't be deleted from any parents' evenings they are in, but if you delete students or teachers from a parents' evening then this will delete any bookings that have been made for them.

Once your data is uploaded, you can see your parents and students on the Parents main menu page and depending on the MIS you use you will either see your teachers on the Teachers main menu page or you will need to add your teachers to each parents' evening individually.

Going to the Evenings main menu section will allow you to create different 'Groups' to house your parents' evenings.  Once you have created a 'Group' this will appear as a hyperlink on the right hand side of the page.

Clicking into a 'Group' will allow you to create a new parents' evening, or edit the details of any evenings that have been set up.

Clicking on the green 'Create' button will take you to a new page which will ask for the details of your parents' evening:

Name, Date, Start Time, End Time, Available Date and Time, Booking Deadline Date and Time, Additional Parents' Evening Dates

You can allow Consecutive Bookings for Parents and set a Maximum Number of Bookings that a parent can make, per parent or per parent per child..

You can also allow teachers to block out or extend their own appointment times and give teachers their own specific time interval.  The last major field is the 'Register Class' field, which will reference your students into the evening.  The 'Register Classes' need to be entered into the evening with a comma and a space between each one.  The system will then add all the relevant students within these classes to the evening and depending on the MIS your school uses the system will also pull in the relevant teachers to the evening.

You can easily see the register classes that are being used by editing a teacher record and clicking on the 'Add a new child' button.

If new students or teachers need to be added to the evening then you will need to update the Parents main menu page with the new record and then update the Teachers main menu page to add this new student to their correct teachers.  Once this is done we will need to add the student to the evening on the Children In Evening page within the Evenings > Group section.  Updating by register class or individually selecting the student using the Add Child button will also update the teachers in the evening so that all the connections are correct.